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freehand carving by daughter

It is almost time to start carving again for the annual Halloween extravaganza that we put on in our yard. Right now our yard looks like an auxiliary farmer’s market with pumpkins and gourds piled up all over the place, all patiently awaiting their turn to shine.  Before we get to the shining, however, there are decisions to be made!  Should we go for scary? Humorous? Martha Stewart decorator-like? A combination of all of the above?  Where on earth did I put all of the pumpkin design books from previous years?  (One of these years I’ve got to get smart enough to put those books into the Halloween decorations storage tub!).

I really did like the look of the pumpkins with the leaf cutouts, courtesy of leaf-shaped cookie cutters although they were a bit difficult to do.  I really think I’ll have to have one or two of those.
We always do a “saying” with small pumpkins in the bed of the pickup.  Last year we did “bring out your dead” and got a lot of laughs from the Monty Python crowd.  It’s going to be hard to top that one, especially since we had included a “dead body” draped in a sheet, complete with bloodstains.  Hmmm….perhaps I’ll research some movies for this one.  I only have 10 days to figure out what we’re doing before we leap into frantic “gutting” and “carving” mode.  I’ve already checked out some web resources, including this one, that shows one we’ve already done with “trick or treat”.  Internet, here I come!!

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