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Christmas decorating

Going all out....

Ah, the joys of holiday decorating…bringing out the favorite ornaments, the tree, the candles, the Santas and beginning the transformation from autumn to winter wonderland.  I admit, I get a bit carried away.  I want every room in the house to have a little bit of Christmas in it.

This year, I had to get a new artificial tree. (I’d rather have a real tree but two of the guys in my family are allergic, sigh…) I had a big, fat tree with white and multi-color lights that operated via a remote control that would let me have all white, all color or all both!  I did like the tree, in spite of the fact that when we had all of the tree lights on (and the outdoor lights) and turned on the microwave, we popped a circuit.  What can I say, it’s an old house.  But, this past January, I bought a wonderful big armchair with an ottoman, fondly referred to as my “command center”.  Unfortunately, I no longer had room for my big fat tree.  And so, the search was on…

It had to be tall enough to almost touch the ceiling with our glass pointy-topped tree topper.  I had to be skinny.  It had to have branches that didn’t look “fake”.  It had to be full.  It had to have lots of branches for all of my ornaments.  It had to have white and color lights.  It had to be cheap (still recovering from a furlough last work year that spilled into this year’s income).  That last one took me right out of the running for almost every tree that met all of the other criteria. I searched and searched to no avail.

One Saturday in early December, I drove south to a meeting place to drop off some toys I had purchased for a family who was dealing with more than their fair share of challenges this past year. On the way back, on a whim, I stopped in at a local K-mart to take a look at their holiday trees. Wonder of wonders, they had a tree that was skinny, tall enough, had a mix of full branches that looked real, and had all white lights. And, it was on sale for $99!  I added a string of colored lights and threw that tree in my cart.  When I exited the store with my prize, I found that I couldn’t get to my car because the annual Christmas parade was taking place in front of the K-mart. Resigning myself to the fact that it was going to be a while before I could get my prize to the car, I settled down to watch the parade.  As I watched and saw the little children running out to pick up the candy pieces that had been thrown from the floats, I had a chance to slow down, breathe, and remember what this season is all about.

Enjoy having your family around, the soft glow of the lights on the tree, the scents of burning candles and baking treats, the whispers and giggles of those sharing seasonal secrets, and most of all, the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas!


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